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Let's create

your products !

Put some creativity in the design of miscellaneous & complex products.

The technical projects assigned to our designers can't prevent them to be bold in their way of creating seductive and meaningful shapes.
Our creative process allow you to dream your future product, and it is based on two pillars :
-Stimulation, with organizing creative in-house workshops : Junior and senior co-create and share their design sensibilities. Stimulation, also by working on many different design projects, in several fields of industrial design.
- The knowledge of industrial process, that gives freedom to our creativity in a rational approach.

Let's dream together. Let's create pragmatic and user-centered products !



Every single project confirms the expertise of AdvanceDesign in this field.

Always more medical subjects for our design team ! They passionate our designers, who develop their design skills while working on many diffrent subjects :

- devices for doctor's office & operating room
- medical research (projets INSERM)
- single-use device
- transportable devices
- implants

Most of those devices need to condense their technology into an expert, reassuring, professional and easy-to-use design.

Representing the know-how of our customers, they are for healthcare professionals and have to be adapted to their high standard regarding the ergonomy, the quality and the benefits for their patients.


& mobility

Closer to our customers. Closer to their products.

Our partnership way of thinking, it is also to stay closer to our customers and to their design expectations, wishes & needs. Our customers are sorted in France & International :



For industry !

Using Solidworks for creating their 3D design, the team is careful, while sketching their first, to stay both creatif & pragmatic : the « nice sketch » proposed at the beginning can be prospective, but has to stay realistic regarding our customer industrial context ! This industrial awareness marks out the creative approach of our designers. It allows to establish a true dialogue with the engineering office (internal office or partner) , to bring design projects to success.

Thus, for a product design with plasturgy, we will consider the number of molded parts, how they can be demolded, etc. upstream to the project. For a metal sheet product, we will examinate the possibilities ( bounding, stamping..) that offer the project production means, before beginning to draw.



Be it electric, thermal, solar...The energy gives life to our everyday objects, warms up our homes, allows us to move, to travel.

AdvanceDesign confirms its expertise in this extremely challenging field, in term of design. The product we draw has to illustrate their high-tech, powerful and clean content, with their shapes, their colours, their texture...
Our team loves to meet those challenges !



Our designers confirm their expertise for vehicle design, while signing projects in many different fields : bikes (Look 675, Gir's Gmax...), caravans (Rapido, Itineo), non-licensed cars (Secma), coaches (Carrier), trains (CFD), concept cars (Matra UV), equipments (Yanmar...).

Those references show how our team loves to work on subjects, on which stylistic research and affirmation on the brand are essential. Their mission, for each project, is to increase our customer's image value, through their product.